Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Unlike many other tools used in industry, OEE calculations do not require much data collection and analysis. The data required for OEE calculation is already held by many businesses. With OEE, the operation of this data

It is possible to turn it into a KPI that tracks its overall performance. OEE is a tool that can be used in other areas besides production.

So what is the formula and how is the general calculation of OEE?

Although OEE has a generally accepted definition, its calculation and use differ from company to company. The important thing here is that the assumptions you use and take into account when calculating OEE are stable. This is a detail to consider especially when comparing OEEs of different departments.

Total Equipment Efficiency, in its simplest definition, is “the time it takes to produce a quality product.

is the measurement of how effectively it is used.

We can represent the general formula of OEE as follows:

OEE= Availability x Productivity x Quality

Briefly, the sections in this formula and the points to be considered in the calculation

Let's try to demonstrate it